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August 22nd, 2004  
Thank you. I appreciate the welcome. I run two forums myself so I know how helpful it can be to 'break the ice' as you say.

There is quite a bit of information on the herd out there. It's just difficult finding vets who are willing to discuss their experiences. At least, that's my perception. I ended up mailing quite a few and didn't hear back from many at all, and those that I did hear back from, aren't too eager to discuss their service. Something I completely understand.

I do again appreciate the welcome and I'll see if I can contribute at all. As for contacting the vets here, I'd like to find a way to do it without making a big deal out of it, or disrespecting them at all. Since I'm not too familure with your forum social structure and culture, do you have any suggestions?

(and yes.. 03/13-82.. it was a good year. )
August 26th, 2004  
Hello pal.. Vietnam War. That was a terrible war.. with a lot of blood and sweat and tears. No, it's not easy to ask vets about their experiences.

But you can try.. 8)