"Impossible Victories" by Bryan Perrett

January 10th, 2005  
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Topic: "Impossible Victories" by Bryan Perrett

Impossible Victories by Bryan Perrett

10 unlikely battlefield successes

The only reason why I bought this book is because it was $5. I am cheap and will buy almost any book on war that costs $5. This book was worth the $5.

The book covers 10 victories that shouldn't have happened: the Albuera Counter-Attack 16 May 1811, the Battles of Chippewa and Lundy Lane July 1814, the reliefs of Lucknow 1857, the taking of Taku Forts 1859-60, Dargai 20 OCT 1897, the storming of San Juan Ridge 1 JUL 1898, the Charges at Beersheba and Huj Palestine 1917, US Rangers at the Point de Hoe and Omaha Beach 6 June 44, the struggle for Hill 112 June-July 1944, and Ngok Kom Leat and Hill 875 S. Vietnam 1967. I had never heard of most of those battles and it was a treat to read. The Author is also British, so it was interesting to hear the view of American battles from a Briton. The view on Lundy Lane (War of 1812) was interesting and I made a post on it (link below). I was also interest to find that Roosevelt's charge at San Jaun was only successful because the Spanish troops did not adjust their rifle sites as the Americans charged. I really cannot comment too much on the British battles since I had never heard of them before. I know now that the British troops in India went through hell as the rebellion raged.

The reading was a bit harder for this book. I found that after reading a battle, I had to take a break. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about battles against the odds that not too many people know about.

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Impossible Victories