The image of Saudi Arabia in the world

September 29th, 2004  

Topic: The image of Saudi Arabia in the world

The notion of image refers to the perceptions that people from various countries have about the world around them with all its constitutes. This image is a natural outcome of direct and indirect individual experiences which they acquire through different communicative interactions. In its international dimensions, this image becomes particularly important given its influence on the prevailing public opinion in terms of the various elements related to it. Starting from the fundamental relation between the stereotype and the shaping of public opinion, many countries have involved their institutions in investigating the image held about them around the world. The recent international events have made it all the more important to study the conceptual image held by the countries around the world about the Kingdom, the factors contributing to its development and the approached necessary for its improvement.
This is what has prompted the Saudi Association for Media and Communication (SAMC) to devote Second Annual Communication Forum to investigating the conceptual image of the kingdom around the around the world. (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2-5 October. 2004)
September 29th, 2004  
Very wealthy with a relatively low population. Friendly towards the United States and the West in general. Also, unfortunately, a source of both funding and personale for extremist groups though the government tends to keep its hands clean. The royal family is seems to have a very mixed bag of opinions and political goals. The people of Saudi Arabia often sympathize with the causes espoused by extremist/terrorist groups, especially the Palestinian ones.