If I say this, you say...? - Page 3

June 5th, 2005  
1. Blue: sea
2. Camera: clatter
3. Pretty: flutter
4. Pants: snap
5. Music: maestro
6. God: Clapton
7. Sweater: breeze
8. Special: neon
9. Moon: night

This was actually rather hard. I do not do well at all with word-association; when I read or hear words, they always trigger audio-visual images in my mind, never other words. For example, the word "music" almost always conjures up the image of a conductor (resembling Arthur Fiedler) waving his baton while wearing a rather smug smile, while Mozart plays in the background (which, by the way, is purple). The word "pretty" always triggers an image of an attractive young lass lounging on the grass batting her eyelashes while smoothing the wrinkles from her skirt with her right hand. The word "pants" always triggers an audio image only, of a phoneme resembling the word "snap", not the onomatopoeic sound. "Special" creates an image that could only be described as the aureole of a red neon sign seen through a night mist. And so on.

Don't worry, folks, my meds will indeed kick in soon...
June 5th, 2005  
1. Blue: paint
2. Camera: photoshop
3. Pretty: my girl
4. Pants: shorts
5. Music: country
6. God: need
7. Sweater: itchy
8. Special: time
9. Moon: sun
June 5th, 2005  
1. Blue: Color
2. Camera: naked
3. Pretty: Lonely
4. Pants: naked
5. Music: making out
6. God: ?
7. Sweater: Itchy
8. Special: Brownies
9. Moon: the Principal
June 5th, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
1. Blue: Plate
2. Camera: Shy
3. Pretty: Dress
4. Pants: Outdoors
5. Music: Concert
6. God: Is coming and boy is she pissed! (had to throw that in )
7. Sweater: Cardigan
8. Special: Daily
9. Moon: Full Moon
August 14th, 2005  
1. Blue: air force (whoohoo that's me! lol)
2. Camera: pictures
3. Pretty: sky
4. Pants: off
5. Music: dance
6. God: pray
7. Sweater: cuddly
9. Moon: space
August 25th, 2005  
1. Blue: sky
2. Camera: canon
3. Pretty: in pink
4. Pants: jeans
5. Music: synj (listening to them now)
6. God: dangit
7. Sweater: weezer
8. Special: education
9. Moon: bare butts
August 28th, 2005  
1. Blue: moon
2. Camera: picture
3. Pretty: hot
4. Pants: not wearing
5. Music: good
6. God: weird
7. Sweater: uncomfortable
8. Special: unique
9. Moon: landing on the moon
August 28th, 2005  
1. Blue: coral
2. Camera: film
3. Pretty: ribbons
4. Pants: levis
5. Music: easy listening
6. God: worship
7. Sweater: weather
8. Special: different
9. Moon: full
August 28th, 2005  
1. Blue: Air Force
2. Camera: Pictures
3. Pretty: Lauren
4. Pants: Cargo
5. Music: Techno
6. God: I refrain from commenting, for it may insult others
7. Sweater: Cold
8. Special: Special Ed.
9. Moon: Night