Is this an ideal PDW (Personal Defence Weapon)?

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February 12th, 2006  

Topic: Is this an ideal PDW (Personal Defence Weapon)?


ACS (Advanced Combat Systems) Ltd. of Israel (see their webpage, still under construction, at: has shown their HEZI SM-1 carbine. Advertised as "Israel's new street-legal PDW", the HEZI SM-1 is a bull-pup conversion of the .30 M1 carbine. By now it's sold as a conversion kit (looks like that, if you're a Law Enforcement Agency, you can buy it and do the work by yourself, or ship your M1s to ACS and have the HEZI SM-1s shipped back), and WHY it was made, it's pretty simple: the .30-Carbine caliber and the M1 carbine are widely used by the Israeli Police, which has also longtime abandoned the GALIL. Actually, Israel is the ONLY COUNTRY in which the M1 Carbine is still manufactured, but APPEARENTLY Israel Arms International (IAI, the ONLY active manufacturer of M1 Carbines in the world) is planning to shut the production down. The .30-M1 caliber, which has enough knockdown power for the Israeli cops, is BELOVED, but the need of a shorter gun for certain rapid reaction teams and, later, for all the average cops, is felt. IMI tried to launch the well-known MAGAL, but, well... read what the ISAYERET.COM website says about the MAGAL (the parenthesis are MINE, taken from other pages of the same website or from notes of my knowledge):
Originally, the Magal was supposed to replace most M16 weapons used by the non SF police units as well as the M1 carbines used by the Israeli Civil Guard, and a contact of 4000 Magal units was awarded to IMI. The weapon was also offered for other countries Law Enforcement agencies.

The first 1,000 units were supplied to the Israeli Police for Testing and Evaluation (T&E) in 1999-2000, with another order of 3000 MAGAL units pending on the initial order's success.

The MAGAL was intensively used in the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the Territories and had proved to be a most unreliable weapon. The problem was attributed to its extremely short barrel which produced insufficient gas pressure, especially when barrel mounted accessories such as riot control devices were in place (which led to a long series of severe operational failures).

Eventually, in early 2001 the usage of MAGAL in the Police was almost completely suspended and most of them were sent back to the IMI for improvements

Later, IMI continued to supply the police with the remaining 3000 units. However, most combat units switched to the 5'56mm Galil MAR (new production, and military units only) and the Colt Commando (again, Military Units only).
The HEZI SM-1, so, seems the perfect idea to keep M1s and the .30-Carbine in service, obtaining shorter, more maneuverable, trustable and multi-function weapons with a "standard" barrel lenght. Plans for civilian distribution of this product have been already made, with the USA in mind as "first customers".
CALIBER: .30-M1 (.7'62X33mm)
CAPACITY: 10, 15, 20 or 30 rounds magazines
TOTAL WEIGHT: 2,9 Kilograms
TOTAL LENGHT: 661 Millimeters
BARREL LENGHT: 457 Millimeters
RATE OF FIRE: 60 Rounds Per Minute(semiautomatic, Full-Automatic only available to authorized buyers)
BULLET VELOCITY: 600 Meters per Second

The HEZITM SM-1 is a retrofit for the M1 carbine, which upgrades the M1 to a modern, state-of-the-art personal defense weapon (PDW). It is designed for immediate response to unexpected situations, with hundreds of enhancements in speed, safety, reliability. Target acquisition is reduced 30%. Transfer from target to target is 50% faster than full-length rifle. Target acquisition while both shooter and target in motion dramatically improved.
Designed specifically for modern battle scenarios, especially surprise fire in urban terrain, the HEZI SM-1's cost is 1/3 that of competitive firearms. The SM-1 fills the niche between pistols and rifles in maneuverability, firepower, and speed. The .30-caliber bullet is more powerful than a .357 Magnum, yet minimizes ricochets and danger to bystanders.

Ergonomic features all controls accessible at trigger handle magazine release, slide stopper release, safety selector button, cocking handle, bolt catch/release
ambidextrous use for left- or right-handed use
folding iron sights with windage and elevation correction allows clear field of view for optical attachments and accessories
compact bullpup design allows easy passage through doors and firing from vehicle without compromising ballistic properties
New safety features
firing pin safety reliably ejects empty cases; prevents jamming in dirty environments
strengthened bolt able to withstand higher pressures; special equipment to strip bolt not needed
ejection cover metal cover protects user
New reliability features improved ejection system reliably ejects empty cases; prevents jamming in dirty environments
open gas system more reliable functioning; longer periods between cleaning; simplified cleaning
modern extractor simplified mechanism and maintenance
New functional features muzzle brake further reduces M1's low recoil
last round slide stopper positive ID when magazine empty; ready for new magazine for quicker refiring
3 Picatinny rails for accessories accommodates tactical accessories (bipod, flashlight, silencer, flash surpressor); bridge accepts all modern targeting attachments (laser, red dot, telescope)

February 12th, 2006  
I have a soft spot for the M1 Carbine. And Israel does too. I think that they make great police carbines.

Hell, I'd like to get one of those new bull-pup M1 Carbines for a PDW of my own.
February 12th, 2006  
sven hassell
Originally Posted by 5.56X45mm
I have a soft spot for the M1 Carbine. And Israel does too. I think that they make great police carbines.

Hell, I'd like to get one of those new bull-pup M1 Carbines for a PDW of my own.
Thought you hated bull pups.
Know I do but I've only fired the SA80 and SA80LSW so no wonder I'm predjudiced.
February 12th, 2006  
I do, but the M1 Carbine has a soft spot in my heart. Also, it's nice to see that some folks still see a future for the .30 Carbine Cartridge.

Also, I wouldn't use it as a MBR (Main Battle Rifle). But I would have one. And even though I don't like Bull-Pups as my issued weapon. I would like to own them. I LOVE FIREARMS PERIOD.
February 13th, 2006  
Whispering Death
I think it is a very imaginative design; definately for the nitch "power user" home defence market.

But I think a .40 caliber handgun is quite enough for the majority of Americans.
February 13th, 2006  
The .30 carbine in terms of ballistics is about the same as a .357 Magnum. A rifle is better than a pistol sometimes for home defense. And the .30 Carbine does a fine job of doing it. (Also makes one great little truck/trunk gun.)
February 13th, 2006  
According to a lot of soldiers, the M1 carbine would be the first PDW, way before that idea was invented. It would be considered the first assault rifle, if the US did converted to select fire with FA before 1944 when the STG44 was produced.

A lot of WWII soldiers preferred the M1 carbine to the M1 garand, because it was lighter, more compact, and the recoil had a kick that was softer than a baby's, and has 2.5 times more stopping power than a .45ACP with the speed of 1900fps, some went even faster.

And was issued to engineer and other noncombat units, that needed more than just a pistol for protection.
February 13th, 2006  
I like the HEZI looks but I'd rather see a pistol grip magazine like the UZI (hand finds hand in the dark) and maybe wide enough so that the length wouldn't be a problem. I fired an M2 and they are hell to hold down on full auto.
February 14th, 2006  
looks like a good gun!