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September 8th, 2008  
I can only say that my Oly shoots great, I know a lot folks that have had good luck with Oly products. That lifetime warranty thing is very nice although I have had no need to use it. The Oly is accurate, reliable and I shoot the crap out of it.

I have no wish to go back and forth on this with you, I have been around guns long enough to know if any ever says any thing positive about Olympic Arms it's like being the guy with the ball in a game of Smear the Queer. Everyone piles on.

And the gas key pins, I have seen (high dollar) ARs come loose, infact a buddy of mine, a one time IPSC/USPSA pro who is currently trying to make a come back had his come loose back in May or June not sure exactly which month it was. This guy hates to lose very competitive natured gentleman, he was more than a little pissed considering how much he spent on his gun I let him share my Oly to finish the match. Not sure if he is going to go out and buy an Oly because of sponsorship issues. In spite of his malfunctioning AR he still finished very close to the top. My point being that the inferior Oly did not hold him back.
October 23rd, 2008  
Hi, I'm new to the sight. Why not buy a lower and build what you really want. I've used Model 1 for my uppers and parts. I'm sure there are many other places just as good , best of all you get what you want for a better price.

Thanks for listening.


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