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October 7th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Zastava-Arms
Would that be because its Russian, or because it will probably be superior to the western counterparts?

A quite capable fighter on the cheap.

October 7th, 2009  
It is probably something around 30-40 million dollars.

Russian aircraft arent exactly as cheap as they used to be, you know.
October 12th, 2009  
Here's is my opinion abt which plane India would pick

First of all, F 16 is out bcoz Pakis have it. Maybe A/B is a little less sophisticated than the S but all over the world, planes are always modernized. So there is a biiiiig chance India will loose the edge over Pakis by picking this plane. NOT COOL. Lockheed, please send India what u did not to Paki already.
F 18E/F is excellent. I heard it is first pick by the indian navy. But Indian policy makers do not trust americans as yet. They are always worried about things going wrong with the west. Some debate that 'US is still financially supporting Paki, isn't that a sore point to us'. Amidst the rumors that the pokhran test not reaching its desired kT, India might pull the trigger again. This might strain the relations between US and India though the Indo US nuke deal clearly said the testing will not affect this deal. But then again, the Indian politics is volatile. If a not so pro-US party comes to power and starts fingering around, that might affect the support as well. Plans usually last for multiple decades. So a faltered support is not good. I also read this article which alleged that US requested India to build bases near the sensitive areas (closer to china) This was seriously turned down by the govt due to massive internal resistance. Cold war loyalties come into picture big time with older generation which forms a big part in Indian politics.
Rafale: This is second in my list. French have a good reputation with supplying defense toys to India. Also, Mirage proved to be very effective in Kargil war. It is a well known fact that Mirage is similar to Rafale. Picking this deal will also help us with other technologies - SSBNs, more advanced diesel subs (beyond Scorpene). Russia helped us with Arihant but, post cold war India faced the dire need of diversifying it defense toys so this is maybe one string of achieving that. France also comes with no strings attached - alteast mostly. But then comes the main problem, if Russia wusses out on India because we picked this, it will become a big headache for us. If India can maintain its position even if Russia stops supporting us, which is 1000% not possible, I would pick this plane.
Mig 35: Big brother's offering. The entire world knows what erstwhile soviet meant to India. Russia hasn't been that good with supplying defense spares/items post cold war but, hey, Russia itself was shattered and how the heck can they pay attention to other's needs. Their outlook on the world also changed since 91. I read some articles which said how Russia was trying to repair relationships with India. At least in the light of asian 'encroachments' by US. Currently, 70% of India's equip is Russian which means we have to depend on Russia for myriad of reasons - maintenance, upgrades etc etc. In the times of war, that dependence probably grows ten folds. BY not picking 35, we will be hurting our relationship with Russia. Don't remember which article but in that a Russian top fellow quoted 'Our future relationship with India is pending MMRCA deal finalization'. If Russia falters in their support to us, the result will be almost imminent Chinese aggression - NOT GOOD. India did mention its interests in diversifying its toys but MRCA deal is definitely not a step to be taken with that aim. We will be in bad shape. Will also hurt our ongoing and future procurements - especially the FGFA. With the knowledge I have, I guess 35 is the best option for us, even though it is not ‘the best’ plane. India should find ways of reducing the spares problems with Russia. But then, a Russian official quoted 35s will not be delivered before 2012/13. This might be another sore grape in the bunch.Dont know how India is going to pan out stuff.

Other euro planes, not sure if I will go with them. Lesser geo-political incentive, lesser collateral advantages, haven't seen much of a combat etc etc. I guess I don't mind saying I am partial and I don't like them.
November 27th, 2009  
With all the economic growth in India, im surprised they dont go for better equipment.
September 22nd, 2011  
most probably rafale or eurofighter will win .and the number may be go to 170 instead of 126.
October 11th, 2011  
According to latest news only the Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault remain in the competition for the MRCA . One of them would likely be chosen by end of this year. Apparantly, we are quite impressed by their performance in Libya. There are also rumours that Lockheed Martin is trying to re- enter the competition by offering the f-35 after the f-16 and f-18 were knocked off a couple of months back..
October 13th, 2011  
India's best option is the rafale. It offers commonality with their mirage 2000s weapon inventory and they'll get the most generous tech transfer deals with dassault. Plus dassault has allowed them to integrate russian and israeli munitions on their mirage 2000s so they will likely be able to do the same with the rafale which will only widen the scope of usable weapons in their inventory so they won't have to buy as many new ones. Besides it would be nice to see the rafale get a contract for once.
October 15th, 2011  

Topic: Re: IAF wants 50 more

Originally Posted by Zastava-Arms
India probably has a 8:1 advantage over the poor excuses of mixed metal and plastic Pakistan and China are flying [JF-17]
The actual expected ratio in regional air combat between the IAF and PAF is 3:1!! That was the ratio between the IAF met the USAF's F-15Cs in COPE INDIA 2004.

Originally Posted by Zastava-Arms
Would that be because its Russian, or because it will probably be superior to the western counterparts?

Originally Posted by KJ
A quite capable fighter on the cheap.
They are NOT! The Russian designed fighters are still behind the west in avionics! The gap between the Russian and western avionics is closing but... the Russians are still behind the west.
I have not heard any mention of the number of hours on the engine or frame before being replaced or modified, for the MiG-35. An example of this is a F/A-18 has a frame life of 8,500 hours and it cost a little more twice the amount of a MiG-29 (≈2,500 hours).... so you get what you pay for. The Soviets believed that fighters would have a high attrition rate in major combat. So where as the Soviet designed fighters appear to be cheaper on a twenty year life span the F/A-18 is cheaper that the MiG-29!

The Russian designed fighters for WVR and 'post merge' combat. This is where WVR-IR missiles with HMDS and, guns are most effective. The NATO philosophy is to kill as many enemy aircraft in BVR combat. Then deal with the WVR environment.
In the WVR arena, the 'high off bore-sight' missile (HOB) along with the HDMS missiles are deadly but, there are limits in using them. The parameters in which the launch fighter is in and, the target fighter also has limits in which it has to be in for a successful missile kill!
When all is said and done (personally), I feel the Rafale would fit best in the IAF: that is "IF" the financing is what the IAF wants.
January 24th, 2012  
rafale will be the winner i hope

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