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Hunger Games
March 28th, 2012  

Topic: Hunger Games

Hunger Games
Just got back from seeing The Hunger Games. Jen Lawrence is going to be a big thing for a while and I really liked Lenny Kravitz and Woody Harrelson.

Good movie - but Im really looking forward to Enders Game.
April 12th, 2012  
Jen Lawrence is going to be a big thing for a while
I agree. She did an incredible job in that movie, and I greatly prefer her with brown hair. Unfortunately, so does my guy. The entire cast did a pretty incredible job.

I ended up seeing the movie 3 times in the first week. Once before I read the first book, once the day after I finished reading the book, and then again a few days later. It's still awesome, though I'm glad to be taking a break from it. Watching the movie without reading the book makes it incredibly nerve-wracking in my experience!

On an aside...
I wasn't aware that they are making Ender's Game into a movie. I really enjoyed that book about 10 years ago. Perhaps it is time that I pick it back up again.

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