Hundreds killed in failed military coup in Turkey

July 17th, 2016  

Topic: Hundreds killed in failed military coup in Turkey
  • Turkish government begins crackdown on those suspected of involvement in the attempted coup
  • President’s bureau puts total death toll at 265, including 161 civilians and 104 coup "plotters"
  • Nearly 3,000 soldiers are under arrest and some 2,700 judges are fired for alleged links to the coup
  • Turkey's PM Binali Yildirim says the action was a "black stain on Turkish democracy"
  • Cross-party politicians condemn the plot at an emergency session of parliament
  • Mass arrests after failed Turkey coup

The attempted coup

Military tanks rolled onto the streets of Ankara and Istanbul the night before and soldiers blocked the famous Bosphorus Bridge.

The military's claim of a takeover was read on state broadcaster TRT. The military said it wanted to maintain democratic order and that the government had "lost all legitimacy."

But the coup attempt lost momentum after Erdogan returned from vacation at the seaside resort of Marmaris. In an interview via FaceTime on CNN Turk, he appealed to supporters to quash the attempted coup, and they took to the streets in masses.

By the time he re-emerged after hours of silence, dozens had died.
Of the nearly 200 deaths, most were police officers killed in a gunbattle with a helicopter near the Parliament complex in Ankara, reported NTV, a Turkish television station. An additional 1,140 people were wounded.

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