May 1st, 2006  

Topic: Howdy

Greetings from the Eastern foothills of the Cascade Mountains just South of the Canadian border in central Wa, State.

I stumbled onto this site in my quest for a song sung by a military-esque group of men. The name "Letter 33". I'm not sure of it's origin or existance. But remain in my search for it's author or the music and the time period which I would believe to be between the Civil War and Nam.

Looking forward to lots of adventures shared here.
May 1st, 2006  
Italian Guy
Hi Fogey. Welcome aboard; I believe we already have some members from WA here. Hope you'll be successful in your song research.
I'm the Italian Guy and I welcome you (you guys love it when I say that uh?).
May 1st, 2006  
Hey there, Fogey. Hope you enjoy your stay. Lucky you, the Cascades are beautiful any time of the year.
May 1st, 2006  
welcome aboard man. hope you have fun
May 1st, 2006  
Welcome to the Forums, Fogey.
May 1st, 2006  
Greetings there good man

You are warmly welcomed to our humble yet glorious home
May 1st, 2006  
Navy Boy
Welcome to the military forums,Fogey.
May 2nd, 2006  

Topic: Welcome!

Welcome aboard, Fogey.
May 2nd, 2006  
Welcome to the forums Fogey.
You could try to post about the song in our "military songs" forum:
May 2nd, 2006