How much are you Worth?

August 27th, 2009  

Topic: How much are you Worth?

I Read a (True) Funny story in MOH winner Matt Deblanc

After shooting down 5 enemy airplanes in a single flight this Marine Aviator was shot down himself in the Solomon Islands. Despite being wounded he swam for 6 hours before he arrivied at some Pacific Atoll and was discovered a tribe of Headhunters. These Natives contacted another tribe who worked with a British Missionary but the headhunters weren't about to give him up for free...

Most people live life not knowing what they are worth. Mr.DeBlanc knows EXACTLY how much his life was worth: One sack of rice.
August 27th, 2009  
I hope it was good quality rice
August 28th, 2009  
^^ Ditto.

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