How have I been as a forum member in general?

View Poll Results :How have I been as a forum member in general?
Someone who contributes well thought-out, useful information 6 60.00%
You're okay, some of your topics really doesn't need to be on here 1 10.00%
Spam spam spam, that's all you ever do! 2 20.00%
Stop always trying to be Redleg Junior! 1 10.00%
If someone's out of line, you try and set things straight (in a good way) 0 0%
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December 15th, 2004  

Topic: How have I been as a forum member in general?

Well it's 12:37 AM, bored out of my mind, and it hit me, "Over the past five months that I've been on here, how good of a member have a been on this forum?" Have I been an asset or a hinderance? You tell me.
December 15th, 2004  
Trevor your the best you should be a MOD. We all love your work
December 16th, 2004  
Silly Canadian
December 16th, 2004  
ahaha your pretty good.
December 16th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Good stuff.
December 16th, 2004  
You're doing pretty good for yourself here, Warrant. From a Mod's POV, I've really got no complaints.
December 16th, 2004  
Craic out of you.

But do you have a low self asteam or a big ego?
January 4th, 2005  
Grand Mater Flash
frankly i dnt relli know u but i clicked the one which most people had clicked thts the way i vote.

However i l8r relised u wer canadian so i take it all back. only joking!