How did Westerner look at Chinese in Korean War?

December 13th, 2004  

Topic: How did Westerner look at Chinese in Korean War?

What kind of impressions do American and other Western country have on the pofermance of Chinese military in Korean War ?

In 1950, when the Korean war broke out , red China was just found 1 year , under the extremely poor domestic condinton ,China made the hard decision to send troops to Korean. In Korea, Chinese soilder has poor equipments , no more tanks,no more artilleries, they even use the sigle -shot rifle captured from Japanese, but ,they showed high spritral power in the battle .

I want to know how did American or other Western country look at Chinese troop in Korean War ,Comparing with other Oriental troops,like Japanese.
December 13th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I think the pervasive view is... well there was a heck of a lot of them and yeah they were very brave. Not the best trained, equipped or anything... just sheer numbers.
A massive, gigantic human block that kept coming because there was almost no end of these guys.
December 13th, 2004  
Dread Mogus
That and they had a very low regard for their own soldiers' lives. They would never commit to a battle until they felt they couldn't lose due to sheer numbers. The bugle blowing fanatical human wave attacks where they'd get mowed down in droves by automatic weapons. They had initial success against and ill prepared and vastly outnumbered U.N. force but once the U.N. forces got reorganized they were pushed back across the 38th parallel. No offense intended but these are some of the things I recall hearing from those who were there and you did ask right?
December 13th, 2004  
A Can of Man
It's more or less what everyone on the recieving end of their psychotic human waves said. It's pretty much true, though I don't know if the guy who started this thread wanted to hear that sort of thing.
Chinese tactics were considered so inhumane to their own troops that General Giap of the Viet Minh (who would test these tactics against the French at Dien Bien Phu) abandoned the Chinese tactics and made up his own. The advices of the Chinese advisors fell on deaf ears. I remember reading some stories from the North Vietnamese... who said they were sick and tired of blowing their whistle and then getting shot to bits.
December 13th, 2004  
"wave after wave" No offense, thats just what i've heard from old schoolers. They were obviously brave. I believe i've heard of them actually sending men over mines to blow them up so the next wave of men could get through.
December 14th, 2004  

the pla troops are both brave, experienced, strong and capable of many things, why many are old nationstlic troops and the civil war taught many and the pla is a seasoned army to be reconed with.

the only thing missing is good supply and equipment, that set aside, china could kick anybodys ass with full american equipment

human waves are not used since lin biao saw its falure when dealing with nationlstic troops, rather, the chinese uses close artilelry corrdination+ bounce wave moment, in ther words, it means that artillery is kept just yards ahead of the infantry while the infantry assults from one crater to another
December 14th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Ohh right I forgot. It's just the PLA standard size of a Squad would be 12,000 men instead of 12 right? But that's normal in China because you have so many people.
Seriously dude, I don't want to sound inflamatory but unless you can back your story up with good evidence that we can actually believe, it's really crap.
Every other story on fighting the Chinese was stories of waves... more like huge blocks of formations just running right at them... overrunning positions due to sheer numbers. How do you think the Chinese casualty count was so high? Oh right, they weren't, we just made those numbers up.
Sometimes this gets so bad it's impossible to have a reasonable discussion...
December 14th, 2004  
Some fanatical, some brave- but most poorly trained and armed. All used carelessly and for such a horrible cause: conserving what is now the most oppressive and hostile place in the world.
December 14th, 2004  
Field Marshal DJ stay on topic: "The Korean War"
December 15th, 2004  
I am very excited to hear diffrent opinions here. I am a chinese postgraduate and like history very much especially European history. But, my English is poor,even sometimes I can not express my thoughts and views explicitly in English. So, if you can not understand my words, please do not laugh at me.

I think everyone has to admit that chinese force are very brave. but, perhaps you westerners can not accept this kind of brave, you call that craze or fanaticism. you think all the soldiers have been puzzled or posioned by socialism or communism. i think that is parts of the reason.
the other reason ascribe to our chinese culture. 5000 feudal civilization teachs our people to be loyal to their emperor. And the most impotant thing our civilization leaves us is to devote ourselves to our contry! whoever is the leader feudal kings, warlords, capitalism or socialism! as long as he is the leader and represent our country.

perhaps you think there is no democracy in china. no, with the reform of economy and policy and the development of our society, our country is more democratic than past time, but we still need a long time to achieve same performance as your country.

i hope every westerner can understand our county.