How did you get that wrong?

January 18th, 2009  
Cdt Matteo

Topic: How did you get that wrong?

0500, CFB Pettawa, Royal Canadian Dragoons Vehicle Hangar (Ontario, Canada)

I was woken by my Supply Sergeant, "Matteo, wake the rest at 0600"
I woke, assembled my bagpipes, put on my combats, got some coffee, woke up a few Sergeants who had special requests (in exchange for a good ration meal) tuned my pipes in one of the upstairs rooms. I came down at 0600 and rightly played reveile. After the lights when on, all the cadets out of their cots in their combats, we had time to brush our teeth and use the washroom. I was still holding my pipes, talking with another NCO when a Trooper comes along and says "That was some good trumpet playing Corporal!" The Master Corporal and I begin to laugh at the Troopers obvious idiosy. He then gave a confused face, and I pointed at my bagpipes and told him "These are bagpipes Trooper.."
"Oh..." as the Trooper said that his face became bright red.
January 18th, 2009  
Hahahaha!!! Blonde moment!!!
January 18th, 2009  

April 6th, 2009  
Team Infidel
April 6th, 2009  
How do you mistake bagpipes for a trumpet???
August 5th, 2009  
he is a smart man *Forrest Gump voice*

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