Honorable discharge with KFV separation code and RE-4 re-entry

November 16th, 2015  

Topic: Honorable discharge with KFV separation code and RE-4 re-entry

Hello all.
I know an RE-4 re-entry code is no good and forbids reenlistment. I received an honorable discharge with the RE-4 re-entry code. Is there any way to get that changed to enter any branch of the service? Reserves, or national guard? Or am I completely screwed?
What happened was my little brother was living at home and my mom was living a junkie lifestyle and my brother was only 16. I was stuck in Port Huneme California about to head out on deployment and I couldn't bear the thought of letting that happen. I was able to talk to chaplain and other folks in the chain of command. It was really hurting my family.
I was getting into trouble for going home as often as I could.
As soon as my brother turned 18, he took off to the navy himself. I wasn't mad or anything. Now I just wish I could go back and fulfill my duty to Uncle Sam.
Is it impossible? I wanted to ask around and figure out if there was a way before giving up hope completely. I almost have my degree in chemistry, still not married and I really just want to go back.