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March 22nd, 2005  
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Isn't a former Albanian leader being tried at the Hague for war crimes?

And genocide isn't 350,000 people moving; it's 350,000 people being murdered.

Ethnic cleansing would be the forced removal of 350,000 people of an unwanted ethnicity.

I was very aware that Serbs assisted the allies against the Nazis. Through the years there have been many movies - not saying movies are actual history - based upon that aspect of WWII. It's in our history books. American historians attempted to hide certain aspects of WWII, but that was not one of them. For instance, Americans tend not to know that much of the French resistance was communist.
albanian leader in hague has been acused for killing 68 people, 68 and 350 000 is not the same. big playaz are still behind curtain, and they will stay there.

yes ethnic cleansing would be fordced removalof 350000people.if you go to kosovo you will not find a single serb out there in some areas. they did not want to leave. you can ask doody(moderator) and he will tell you. that is genocide, I am lawer I can tell you that.

about the history, menyeople are not avare that in wwI serbia lost 28% of it`s population, 50% of male population, first ally victory in wwI was won by serbs over superior austro-hungarians.

all I am saying is that it is very easy to watch cnn and make conclusions. specialy wrong one.
Exactly,and now no one is interested in other side of the story,every on knows only that serbs killed and rest died,but does any one know about everybody else killing and only serbs dieing?