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December 18th, 2005  
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January 28th, 2006  

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February 8th, 2006  
The North African campaign is interesting in that there were several important concenquences that came about from this so called side show.

Hitler sent in Rommel to pull Mussolini out of the mess he got himself into when the Italians attacked the Brits in North Africa. One Australian infantry division [the 9th] and one British armoured division [the 7th] under General O'Connor, a total of 30,000 men had routed up to 300,000 Italians.

When it was over, it was a complete British triumph. The Brits and Aussies had lost 500 men, with 55 missing and 1373 wounded. They had advanced 500 miles in two months, destroying an army of ten divisions and taking a total of 130,000 POWs.

It was a classic campaign.

Then Churchill and Hitler each made big mistakes.

O'Connor wanted to continue the advance on Tunis, and secure North Africa, Churchill instead wanted troops in Greece.

The British had to abandon the initiative in the Libyan desert.
This decision, made by Churchill, to drain off scarce British strength to aid the Greeks, was one of the worst of the war.

On the other hand Hitler went one better.

If Hitler had given Rommel the several more divisions he wanted, he probably would have crushed the 8th army and could have pushed as far as he liked, capturing the mid east oil fields, and perhaps could have gone even as far as to attack Russia in the Caucasus which has been mentioned.
At the very least there would be no North African spring board for the Italian invasion.

But I suppose if you have a half mad Corporal running the show, what else could you expect?

Plus, Hitler delaying Barbarossa for 5 weeks to take care of of the Greeks and Brits on his flank, have often been said, cost him dearly in his attack east, although i'm doubtfull about this.

So, all in all, it had repercussions on the war as a whole.