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October 19th, 2004  
Mark Conley
sometimes..i think we could just head off things like him..if we just gave a damn. we dont know what we do when we shut someone off..or out.

yeah, i know. im still ever hopeful.

By the way..no i dont condone any of the crap that came out of him, and his little henchmen. and yes, i would have been first in line to put a bullet in his brain. for what he and his cohorts did, a bullet is the least i could do for him.
October 21st, 2004  
Iam sorry there is no way he was anything other than a complete bloody madman,forget the fact he became chancellor that is no difference than the top man in Somalia being top dog,you obtain that by creating fear and terror and killing your oponants ,what next Stalin was not mad or purhapes POL POT WAS REALLY TRYING TO HELP HIS PEOPLE please get a grip. I know that there are people that find him interesting but surely that interest should end with the knowledge that he killed so many inocent people,lets keep the profiling to the PEOPLE WHO CATCH SERAL KILLERS
October 22nd, 2004  
Mark Conley
Gee Taff was it something we said?

remember if its an a opinion its an a opinion..not a march through georgia with Sherman and the gang....
October 25th, 2004  
It takes more than an insane idiot to build from the ashes of post WW1 germany a military might that darn near conquered the globe. he was a brilliant man that took things tooooo far. I believe they call this a power trip. He was pissed off at what he saw happen to Germany after WW1, where predominantly jewish buisinessmen took over the businesses owned by germans impoverished by the post WW1 depression, then in turn having the former owners work for them for pennies. in fact, there was alot of anti-semetics in germany AND america at this time. Henry Ford was fiercly anti-semetic. Hitler, coming to such a great position of power twisted this view in to the notion that he should kill them all to regain the "Fatherland" for the Germans. this was always in his head (per "Mine Kaumpf"), but coming to power gave him the ways & means to put into effect his own personal agenda. God Bless Democracy, eh? not an excuse by far, but Hitler was by far not an idiot.
October 25th, 2004  
I think Adolf Hitler was a brilliant man, he is just misunderstood by most people who hate him. He fought for what he believed in. Unfortunately, it resulted in 6 million deaths.
October 25th, 2004  
The Doctor
It's amazing how often genius and insanity are confused with each other.
As for Hitler, he probably was a genius- but he was also an absolutely evil psychopath who surrounded himself with evil, prejudiced intellectuals- people in his own mould. He didn't rise to the level of power through his intellect or so-called 'brilliance' alone, he played on the German people's misfortune and misgivings, warped it into mindless prejudice, and built his power-base through propaganda, hatred, fear and tyranny.
That anyone here can find anything positive (and let's not have any 'well, he did make the trains run on time' quips please!) to say about him is unbelievable to say the least, and pretty abhorrent.
Misunderstood? I don't think it's the people who have a well-justified hatred of the Nazi regime that are the ones who misunderstand things here.
October 26th, 2004  
No, Hitler built his powerbase on propaganda, trust, and promises to make Germany great once again, which is exactly what he ended up doing, he then deviated away from what most people expected, slowly, brillaintly, started to warp the minds of the public, essentially bribing the population with presents, new radios, motorcycles, cars, homes, loyalty to the party meant a better life.

And Hitler did not spread anti-semitism, it was already embetted into the lives of all europeans, infact I believe it was the Russians who started the first pogroms, Germany tried to deport the jews but France had a quota of about 40,000 and England around 50,000.
October 26th, 2004  
that is correct - Hitler was first turned on to anti-semetism through pamphlets & anti-semetic newspapers in Vienna, in the late 20`s? I believe... From his own words in Mine Kaumpf, he started reading the propoganda & then started to see in real life what the papers were accusing the jews of. even before hitler was known at all, papers of the time accused the jews of undermining German society & morals through the media & infiltration into German government. even before that, anti-semitism was wide spread in even america... George Washington, Mark Twain & Henry Ford were all quoted as being anti semetic... jewish persecution was definatly nothing new in hitlers regime (pogroms of Russia, Poland and Hungary are prime examples) but Hitler took it to another level with the concept of the concentration camp.
October 26th, 2004  
i can't believe that ppl still are even considering asking this question! who cares what his IQ was and why is anyone asking if he was a genious? He killed how many? he considered that how many ppl wern't human? he did what kind of things. People...Who defines what sane is? That is right the people around you. If someone next door to you started to lock people in cages and do experiments on them there would be no question as to what there mental status was. No matter if your neighbor was the smartest kid in class or the nicest man you had ever met he is a psycho. Hitler's accomplishments doesn't mean that he was smart it means that he knows how to look sane. no matter what influenced his decisions when it comes down to it there is no way anyone can justify his lack of human worth. Hitler knew right from wrong in the beginning. He shot himself in the head in the end when he knew he had been defeated. he knew what he was doing was wrong, end of story. a GENIUS would have known better.
October 26th, 2004  
Due to some idealess sudden change in the battle strategy he won quite a few Big Battles that time.

But also becoz of this. He lost the change to win the Battle of Stalin grad in the first year.