History of State Militias - Page 2

October 21st, 2004  
With a structure as that will actually fall back to the Second Amendment, although not organised in todays structure as there there were in the 1800s, "minutemen" and "militia" are often thought of as one and the same. Although they are not the Minute-men represented a small hand-picked force selected from the ranks of local militia companies and regiments. Approximately one-third of the men in each militia unit were chosen "to be ready to march or fight at a minute's notice."

After Congress authorized a Continental Army under the command of George Washington, minutemen units eventually ceased to exist. But their contribution as a trained and battle-hardened corps of veterans was an important and significant force as patriots took up arms to oppose the British army in the Revolutionary War.

Under this structure I would imagine if organized the "Maltia" could be part of an armed group of civilians