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October 1st, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
If he just came out and said it i highly doubt it. If you or someone else asked him maybe. BTW welcome
October 2nd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Courtenay
2nd, Military.com has a finder section where you can at least see if he is/was military. It shows branch and most recent rank/rate.
Military.com is not completely accurate and should never be used as a source for verifying someone's credentials.

Originally Posted by Researcher
I'm doing some research on a pyschopath who claims to be Force Recon. I'm pretty sure he was not, He's one of these martial arts loons who's list of (fake) credentials is longer than your arm. Any wayI figured there has to be a way to find out for sure and I was hoping someone here knew.

Hope I'm not bringing this up too soon after joining the board.

P.S. He says his records were hidden by the CIA. He had some trouble before when someone else figured him out, hid out. I've got more info, records request form etc.

So, anyone want to help root out a fraud?
It sounds as if you already know he is a fraud. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck .... just call him on his BS and move on. If he is engaged in illegal activity, report him to the proper authorities. Sharing his personal information to any Tom, Dick or Harry that roams the net is not a smart move, on your part.
October 2nd, 2004  
whoa, lol I'm not a military intelligence officer or guidance counciller, but welcome anyways bud.