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August 7th, 2004  
Thank you for the advice Acerbus. But out of curiosity, SMI and ASMIs I assume those are the instructors?

Further proof that the branches all need to get under one language.

Army: SAI (Senior Army Instructor), AAI (Associate Army Instructor)
Navy: SNSI (Senior Naval Sciences Ins.), ANSI (Asst. Naval Scis. Ins.)

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how the drill commands differ between Army and Navy? I've been studying the Navy (preparing to enter Sophomore year and spend the next 3 at a NJROTC School) ranks and rates, but no site I've found can list the Drill Commands and what they mean.

ex: Salute: Army "Present Arms/Order Arms"
Navy "unknown"
August 7th, 2004  
present arms and order arms are universal.
August 7th, 2004  
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August 11th, 2004  
August 11th, 2004  
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Howdy heck are ya Get it? howdy heck... Shuttin' up
August 17th, 2004  
Welcoem to the forum cPFC/SAJROTC.
August 17th, 2004  
All these cadets make me want to get up and do somthing with my life...

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