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April 6th, 2009  
Cne C
April 7th, 2009  

Topic: Already? Thanks so much


I am so happy that this thread is actually being read and replied to. Rattler, I would definitely appreciate the forward and update. Thank you all for the kind sentiments and replies. I had a lot of experience with OIF/OEF returnees coming back to battalion and finding themselves unable to return to the life they had left. Marriages were ruined, some Marines became alcholics, and some were redeployed right away. I found myself in a relationship with a man who was different after returning. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find your mate staring at you, and not in the endearing way. He just couldn't sleep next to anyone. He was a Recon Marine who had to do some terrible things over there. He treated me like crap, then would get wasted and call me at 3am, telling me how much he loved me and how sorry he was that he was like this.

I want people to see just how far the implications of what we sign on to do reach. Enlisting or taking a commission is a decision that changes you forever, whether you saw combat or not. You join a new family, one that civilians are hard pressed to understand. The civilians that I encountered upon leaving the Corps couldn't understand the way I spoke or acted. They said that I was too hard on people and curt, when in the Corps I was looked at as one of the nicer NCOs. People need to see who we are, and maybe we will get more help from them. I'm so tired of hearing about homeless vets. There are so many OIF/OEF homeless already! Can you believe that? Send us over there, ok... cheer us on, ok...shut us out when we come home emotionally, mentally, or even physically scarred? Not ok.

Thanks for the input. Please keep it coming!

Oh.. and by the way... rulingusmc stands for russian linguist, USMC.
April 12th, 2009  
April 12th, 2009  
Rob Henderson
I've always wanted to learn Russian. Welcome sir; and thanks for all you do.
April 13th, 2009  
welcome to the forums.
April 13th, 2009  

Topic: Thanks again

Thanks again for all the love and replies to this thread...

Oh, and Rob Henderson... I'm a Staff Sergeant, and a woman.
April 17th, 2009  
Originally Posted by rulingusmc

I want people to see just how far the implications of what we sign on to do reach.
I reaches as far as everything else..To your death sooner or later.

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