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May 28th, 2005  

Topic: hey there

I just came back from my third deployment to the middle east and have started working as a PLDC instructor. ready to start brainwashing all those unassuming specialists. just kidding I'm ready to mold em into the leaders that will shape the future of the Army. it takes all of us to make this war successful
May 28th, 2005  
I would never want to be a PLDC instructor.

Drill Sergeant yes... but PLDC? After talking to some of my instructors when I went through, it's definitely not something I want to do.
May 28th, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
Welcome home!

And welcome to the forums.
May 28th, 2005  
welcome to the forums.
May 28th, 2005  
Welcome to the forums..
May 28th, 2005  
June 3rd, 2005  
Welcome OIF/OEFVET. I spent some time as an instructor myself. It can be very rewarding.