Help w/ cadence

Help w/ cadence
June 5th, 2005  
njrotc XO

Topic: Help w/ cadence

Help w/ cadence
when i was in rotc at Leadership Academy, we learned this, but i can't remember all of it. Anyone able to help, or ever heard of it?

Soldier Soldier have you heard
I'm gonna jump from big a iron bird
I'm gonna jump through the pouring rain
With every jump more courage i gain

Soldier Soldier have you heard
I'm gonna jump from big a iron bird
I'm gonna jump with my best friend
Tell my mom i won't be home again

When i hit the ground we was in a fight
When i saw my friend his eye's were white
I don't know how, I don't know when
I told my buddy i will see again

I went home and told his mom then
Sorry darlen he won't be home again
She looked at me and started to cry
Thats when a tear ran down my eye

I went to a funeral just for him
Thats when i met his daughter Kim
She looked so sad all dressed in black
She asked me when her dad would be back

Don't worry darlen you'll see him soon
Just look at the sky just look at the moon
think something goes here

He wus goin to be buried in his service dress
I seen all the medals pinned on his chest
A purple heart a gold ribbon
something else

i think theres a few lines between these two

Is this all i have to remember him
No it's not just look at your daughter Kim

Been a good while since i could remember it all, i know i'm missing a good chunk of the song, any help would be greatly appreciated.
June 6th, 2005  
The version I know is actually shorter than this, so I'm sure I can't help ya.


But hey, check out

You can download a cadence book there to check.
June 6th, 2005  
njrotc XO
do u know the name of this song?
Help w/ cadence