Help identify knives.

October 30th, 2004  

Topic: Help identify knives.

I found these two knives in the same box I found the scope in my other post, so I'm assuming they are military related items my grandfather kept from the war.

The smaller one's handle is in poor condition compared to the other one, who's blade is completely rusted. The blade of the smaller one looks to me like it was re-ground from it's original shape, but I might be wrong. You can see pics of the inscriptions of that one. The pic with the animal inscription says, "GA*E...", I can't make it out completely, and the other side says, "KRUSIUS BROS. - Made in Germany", I believe.

The other one has a very nice handle, though you can clearly see the condition of the blade. I wasn't able to find any inscriptions, until I was taking these pictures, and noticed the initials "L.O." most likely standing for Lt. O'neil, my grandfather - this is another reason I think they are from the war.

Can anybody tell me anything about them? And does anybody have any tips on preserving them?
October 31st, 2004  
I restore knives and have been for many of years, I would first suggest that try cleaning the blades with Flitz Metal Polishes/Cleaners to remove the rust without damaging the steel of the knife. Gun shops may carry the Flitz Products, if they do not then you can order their products here