Help with explanation of purpose/use for these items?

August 17th, 2015  

Topic: Help with explanation of purpose/use for these items?

I figure this best fits here since it's not about reenactment or collection of old things. I got these at a regular old thrift shop. If this is in fact not the form I want, redirection would be appreciated.

What exactly is this bag for?

I've learned that this is a pistol belt and a first aid pouch. How is the belt used exactly? The pouch came with a brown box which had sulfanilamide in it for treating wounds.

What's the small little pouch on this canteen cover for?

What's the small metal screw in the canteens cap?

Thank you kindly for help!
August 17th, 2015  
Hi, and welcome back..

I'm not sure about the first image, but the small pouch on the canteen cover is most probably for a water purification kit.
And even if I don't see the top of the canteen cap I'm pretty sure that it's a cap that you can connect to the hydration system/hose on military gas masks, so you can drink while wearing them.
August 18th, 2015  
Mjayet, the pistol belt can be worn 2 ways. You can get belt keepers and connect the belt with them to your BDU belt, or if you have big enough belt loops on your pants you could technically wear it in place of a BDU belt although I really don't recommend it. The belt is a piece of ALICE gear that is held up by LC-1 and LC-2 suspenders and you connect items like canteens, magazine pouches, grenade pouches, and your medkit. On the back of ALICE gear there will be large squares with a small opening going from top to bottom in them. Thats where you place the ALICE clip to connect the gear to the belt. The brown box in the med pouch is a mold to keep the pouch from flattening. As redleg said the little pouch on the canteen cover holds 2 bottles of water purification tablets. And the cap of the canteen is specifically designed for use with a gas mask. For more information on ALICE gear search ALICE gear in google. Theres a wealth of information on the topic out there.