December 23rd, 2010  

Topic: Helmets

A friend of the family was Chopper pilot back in the late 80's-early 90's.

So this friend is in West Germany and he's flying with a General during an Exercise

They land and the General tells him to wait while he goes and talks to somebody.

Our friend gets of his Chopper and see's another Chopper parked nearby.

This Chopper looks like something out of Star Trek. So he walks over and there's two Warrant Officers by the Chopper. Both of which are very respectful and ask his permission to leave the Chopper.

He says that's okay with him. So while the Warrant Officer's are away he proceeds to get aqquainted with this sleek new Chopper. When he gets out one of the Warrant Officers comes over and says:

"Sir, Can I ask you a question?"

The friend says: "Go ahead."

The Warrant Officer says: "Sir, are you a General with a Captain's Jacket? Or a Captain with a General's Helmet?"

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