September 2nd, 2004  

Topic: hello

Hey fellas,

Air Force Colonel here just wanted to say nice board and thanks for having me.
September 2nd, 2004  
Welcome to the forums sir.

Where do you serve?
September 2nd, 2004  
Wow, a Colonel! Welcome!
September 2nd, 2004  
Welcome and thank you so much for your service to this country!
September 2nd, 2004  
Focus Fate
Welcome to the forums Sir! I hope you'll enjoy lots of the threads we have going here. As Guy said, thanks for your service. My grandfather was in the Air Force, and so was my father. Have fun here!
September 2nd, 2004  
Good to see some senior officers in here. Welcome!
September 2nd, 2004  
Jason Bourne
Welcome sir, it's a pleasure to have you
September 2nd, 2004  
Welcome, sir. *salutes*

Hope you have a good time here.
September 3rd, 2004  
Welcome to the boards sir 8)
September 3rd, 2004  
Welcome Sir,

Yells at squad *atten-hut*
*Present Arms*
*Order Arms*
I thank you for your service to our country, my cousin is a C-130 mechanic in the Air Force.

Nice to see a Flag Officer aboard.

This USNSCC cadet welcomes your experience.