February 8th, 2015  

Topic: Hello!

My name is Jay Thornton. I'm a former USAF satellite comm tech, but have spent the last 8 or so years working as a professional writer, alongside my brother Chris.

So, I'm here to not only pick your brains for research and authenticity (we care VERY much about authenticity in our work), but to let you guys know when we have free promotions on some of our work especially for the guys and gals in the field/deployed.

You can check out some of the projects we're working on and our credits on our site www.themthorntons.com (we have made most of our headway as professional screenwriters currently writing a dark serial killer flick for actor Zac Efron), but we recently launched a serialized ebook called REAPERS (which is what we're giving away for free right now and would especially love to get to folks in the field and in garrison/separated/retired, etc obviously).

REAPERS follows a team of Navy SEAL black-ops equivalents through a dark, harsh fantasy setting. Think GAME OF THRONES meets LONE SURVIVOR. You can download the first installment (three are out so far and we're cranking on new material expect a new one to drop every two to four weeks) for *FREE* today and tomorrow, and we'll come back to let you know any time free promotions come up.

Here's a link to our Amazon page, where you can download REAPERS: Stave 1 for *free*!


Hope you enjoy, and please feel free to pass this message and link along to any folks out there in the field. We really do want to help entertain them/you.

Thanks for your time and your service!

Jay (and Chris) Thornton
February 9th, 2015  
Cne C
You're welcome Jay
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February 10th, 2015  
Welcome aboard.
February 11th, 2015  

I started as a Radar mechanic in the Army in the late 70's with the Hawk missile system. Led to a career in in radio- radar engineering. So we have communications in common. I helped design the Falcon radio, commonly used by our servicemen in the field.

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