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May 5th, 2005  
Welcome to the Forums.
May 5th, 2005  
Are there pictures coming up in my signature and the under my name.
May 5th, 2005  
May 5th, 2005  
Though late, welcome.
May 5th, 2005  
May 10th, 2005  
Originally Posted by behemoth79
well theres really three reasons for people enlisting.
1. pay for college
2. see the world/new experiences/challenges
3. want to go to war and fight for your country

so if youre not #3, this isnt a great time to enlist. tensions are rising in the world. and with so many crazy people in charge of nations, there is no telling when the sh*t might hit the fan and something big breaking out. so dont kid yourself and enlist then change your mind later on like some of the people who went AWOL did.
I have to agree with behemoth79. Take your time and decide what is best for you.
May 13th, 2005  
Molly Pitcher
Welome Rose.

I don't see any pictures for a signature for you though. Your avatar looks pretty scrunched too. Can't tell what it is.
May 21st, 2005  
Yeah, I noticed that too, I'll have to figure it out...