Hello everyone!

January 7th, 2010  

Topic: Hello everyone!

I served in the Italian Army, since I am Italian, many years ago in the 1st Regiment "Granatieri di Sardegna", IV Battalion Mech., as 2nd left Ten. M47 tanks Platoon commander. As a consequence, since mid 1974 I have been part of reserves.
I have been always very fond of modelling and of military models, with particular regard to tanks and I hope to find on this site information about such subject, while I am obviously ready to share what I know about it.
I live in Rome, the "Eternal City" I mean, and that may explain why my other interests range from history, history of art and archeology, to the subjects of my studies in Architeture. But I am also very interested in sciences and technology. I love studying, disassemble or riasseble complicated objects, such as old cameras ond I love working with tools and machines materials like, wood, metal, metal sheets, etc.
I speak English, French, Italian, while I can understand and have a conversation in Spanish but I am still struggling to become more familiar with German, up to now with very poor results!
Thank you for reading all this, Snag
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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome, Benvenuto
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Great to see a master of languages in the forum

I am English but living and working a a presenter on Russian English TV in Ukraine. Learning new Russian words each day but Ukrainian is still a mystery.
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January 7th, 2010  
Welcome to the forums.
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Cne C
Welcome and happy new year
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