Heartbreak Ridge Quotes - Page 2

August 14th, 2005  
"So Gunny whats your opinion on this excercise?" MAU CO

" I think its a Cluster Sir." Highway

"Where did come from Major?" MAU CO

"Recently come over from supply Sir." Powers

"Were you Good at it?" MAU CO

"Yes Sir!" Powers

"Then stick to it. Your a walking cluster as an infantry officer." MAU CO
October 26th, 2005  
G/Sgt. Highway: I hate social functions

Maj/Sgt. Choozoo: You're gonna love it. Youre presence has been requested at the M.A.O. Commanders' open house full military dress

G/Sgt. Highway: Piss on that

Maj/Sgt. Choozoo: You will be there Gunnery Seargant Thomas HIghway. Stand tall, look sharp and wear all your ribbon so that people can see a dumb f*ck hero who isnt' bleeding to death.

G/Sgt. Highway: Let's find the bar.
July 31st, 2008  
That movie was great.