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December 2nd, 2004  

Topic: Hart's War Quotes

This movie is completely awesome in the typical twisted war movie sorta way. But I don't have the movie or the DVD and only get to see it when it comes on tv. I was hoping some of you out there with the movie can give me a few qoutes. Oh and if you have the DVD I'll take quotes from the deleted scenes too. I really want the speech Lt. Scott gives on the stand, the summation Lt. Hart gives at the end of the "court-martial", the conversation the two Lt. have where Lt. Scott tells Hart to tell his son, and the speech between the german colonel and colnel macnamara. Oh the story from the deleted scene between Lt. Hart and Lt.'s Scott and Astel when they are watching the movie and it's about the condutor of the train and how everyone is green. Thanks everyone.
January 19th, 2005  

Topic: speech-court martial

Tommy Hart: There’s a tenet that was drummed into all of us at our first day in basic. Sometimes one man must sacrifice for the good of the men around them. Someone has to be first to hit the beach or put a jump on the grenade or to draw enemy fire so coordinates can be drawn for mortar teams. Vic Bedford learned that tenet too, except Vic got it backwards. Vic thought that sometimes a few hundred must be sacrificed for the good of one. Him. For Vic. The watchword was expediency. One day he’d trade with our captors to get hard-to-find parts for a radio, earning him the loyalty of our commanding officer and his staff then Vic would tell the Germans where to find the radio in exchange for Lamar Archer. The Army has it’s share of cowards, and Vic Bedford was one of them it also has heroes and Soldiers like Lincoln Scott, Lincoln Scott who wanted nothing more to serve his country. And serve he did. Nine downed German fighters, 30 missions until one of those missions landed him here, StaLag 6A where Vic Bedford and the sad sacs Vic called friends were lying in wait. Scott was a target from the second he got here. He suffered insults, threats. But he did not retaliate, he did not kill Vic Bedford. No, someone beat him to it. It could have been any number of people. The guard who thought Bedford had cheated him. A fellow krigie who discovered Bedford’s treachery even one of our ranking officers as punishment for ratting out that radio. So this then is our victim? A bigot. A traitor. A rat enemy of every krigie in camp? the question is who hated him enough to kill him? I did.

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