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Topic: Greetings

Hi all,

during a google I encountered this forum, so I thought I'd stop by and drop in a British slant on things.

I served 22 years in the British Army and left a few years ago; I had served through the 1980s when Northern Ireland was 'hot' (cumulatively I spent 6 years there on and off) and also spent some time in Germany for 3 years (loved the beer). Around that time we had our first tangle with Saddam Hussien and along with a few mates, and several other countries, we popped over to tell him the error of his ways!

Thereafter began the 90s Former Yugoslavia 'adventure' and I went over with the UN Protection Force (UNPROFOR) and discovered that a blue beret, neutrality and a white-painted vehicle doesn't stop them shooting at you! So being generous people, we shot back and generally upset the United Nations, as an Army, for being 'too aggressive' - ooops!

One quiet lunchtime in the UK inbetween tours in a quietening Northern Ireland, I watched two aircraft fly into the World Trade Centre towers and thought 'f**k, now the gloves will be coming off!'

The new century brought a new enemy - international terrorism in the form of Al Qaeda. We were happy to accept George W Bush's invitation to 'party' in Afghanistan and have been there ever since; the second invitation to give Saddam Hussein another good kicking seemed favourable, so I popped on over to lend a hand.

It was a busy last few years to my career and what a blast! Now I have done my 'bit' for Queen and Country and another generation can have a 'go'.

Two things you need to know about me (if you've read this far that is!):
  1. I have a wicked sense of humour
  2. I f**king hate terrorists!
I look forward to communicating with one and all!

Take care,

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Welcome aboard.
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Cne C
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Team Infidel
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Ahahaha, you sound like quite the character! I love war stories spiked with humor, so I hope that you will be sharing more with us throughout the forum.
April 3rd, 2010  
MSG Glenn