Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

August 11th, 2009  

Topic: Greetings from Portsmouth, UK

Hiya Gang, this is 1st post so apologies for the waffle.
I live in Portsmouth, England and run tours to the battlefields in France and Belgium.
WW1 - The Somme in France and Ypres in Belgium. WW2 - Normandy D-Day beaches and Dunkerque and also the preserved town of Oradour which was scene of a massacre by the SS in 1944 as they headed to the Normandy beaches.Took the crew of the USS Winston S Churchill out to the beaches a few years ago - brilliant trip!.
I also work with Army cadets( boys and girls aged 12 -19) military band at the Adjutant General HQ in Winchester and the Royal Marine Cadets( boys and girls aged 10 - 18 ) here in Portsmouth.
Also present Country music on local radio every Sunday 12 - 2pm English time at and help organise Country music festivals.
Have recently been asked to start running combined psychic investigation and history tours of the WW1 battlefields now the last Brit veteran has passed on.
Give me a shout if you find any of this interesting.
All best wishes.
August 11th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Welcome to the forum
August 11th, 2009  
August 11th, 2009  
Welcome aboard.
August 11th, 2009  
The Other Guy
Welcome; I hope this forum proves to be interesting and helpful!
August 12th, 2009  
Welcome to the forum!
August 13th, 2009  
Welcome jolboy.
August 14th, 2009  
Team Infidel
August 14th, 2009  
Welcome mate.

When I was in UK I always meant to visit the WW1 battlefields where my grandfather fought with the Middlesex Regiment, I never did.
August 14th, 2009  
Cne C

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