Green Jelly Bean Flights

March 3rd, 2004  
Mark Conley

Topic: Green Jelly Bean Flights

At one time at a remote site I was at, married service members were intitled to what the troops called a Green Jelly Bean Flight, or a flight to home visit from a long term overseas short tour, for morale purposes. Since the man was usally married, and had big kids at home, the custom was to give the man a large bag of green jelly beans, (or M&Ms, skittles, ect as long as the color was green) and a sheet of instructions for their use. Mine was worded as follows:

For extra time alone with the wife:

1. Arrive home.

2. Show kids the bag of candy.

3. Open the bag, and scatter candy throughout the grass.

4. Go spend a few moments alone with mom.

5. Pray they arent fast searchers....
March 3rd, 2004  
March 7th, 2004  
Hahaha, amen to that! :P
March 11th, 2004  
thats not a bad idea... but there better be at least 1,000 of them jelly beans
April 8th, 2004  
May 19th, 2004  
If your outta luck they'll not only find them fast but eat them too fast. Ahh, the sweet sound of your kids on the other side of the bedroom door:"Mummy, Daddy, my tummy hurts"
May 7th, 2005  

Topic: Re: Green Jelly Bean Flights

Originally Posted by Mark Conley
5. Pray they arent fast searchers....
If they're that fast, then they must have good eyes, a good nose, or dead grass.
May 8th, 2005  
simple rememdy is make sure you get a plane which lands whlie its dark, so they you go outside and "accidently" spill the lollies lol
May 8th, 2005  
Interesting custom...I should take that into consideration later on in life.
November 9th, 2005  
I'm gunna remember that one for my diggers when I graduate.