Greek police use tear gas on anti-austerity march (Reuters)

Greek police use tear gas on anti-austerity march     (Reuters)
November 17th, 2011  
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Topic: Greek police use tear gas on anti-austerity march (Reuters)

Greek police use tear gas on anti-austerity march     (Reuters)
Reuters - Greek police fired tear gas against black-clad youths protesting against austerity on Thursday, one day after a national unity government took office charged with imposing painful tax rises and spending cuts to save Greece from bankruptcy.

November 19th, 2011  
We are heading towards a dicatorial and autocratical environment again here in Europe: THe normal citizen does not understand why the waste of money and the losses of the banks should have to be paid by the workers wages.

"*You* broke it, now *you* fix it" is what the average citizen feels, in Greece, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

What the system call austerity is in fact (Spain examle) that we now have reached 1.5 million families without *any* income whatsoever, and then they tell you: "Sorry, the only way to fix economy is to bail out the banks, to cut heavily back on spending for pensions, education, culture and publich health".

Yeah, just what we thought.

November 19th, 2011  
Oh come on surely the average citizen in Greece, Italy, Ireland and Spain realises that at some point you actually have to pay the bills, we all happily voted in politicians that promised the world and were quite happy to let them borrow all the money they needed to do it.

Hell Greek economics has to be the most retarded thing I have ever seen I am not sure what it is going to take to to convince at least one of them to get a job rather than living off loans but I suspect they will be getting a nasty shock pretty soon and hopefully it wont have to be delivered by the Luftwaffe this time.

Like it or not the worlds largest economies are on the verge of collapse and if they go so will the worlds smallest economies yet here we all sit pointing the finger at everyone but ourselves.

As far as Europe goes I think if I was a German right now I would be planning a rapid exit from the Eurozone because if anyone has the right to be p*ssed it is your average German for having to continually bail out the rest of Europe because they are either to stupid or to lazy to understand basic economics.
Greek police use tear gas on anti-austerity march     (Reuters)
November 19th, 2011  
wayword son
in the riots in the "occupy" economic riots and protests, world wide. i see a mobs of people, who are able to trow a rock, or molitov coctail a good distence, not asking for work, but "demanding" that the government, at piont of a gun, give them the wages of those who do work.

in biblical times, the apostile Paul gave the proverb (wisdom) that," if you Will not work, you Shall not eat."

ceaser, promised the people of rome endless, bread and circuses.

history tells us wich worked.

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