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December 29th, 2004  
good boots won't be runid in the rain just clan them and leave them out to drie
December 30th, 2004  
Gortex does get ruined, when dirt engrains itself into the weave... thats why most issued stuff has a gortex membrane between fabric, so that it keeps it's water proofing and the outer canvass or whatever gets dirty. In my experience you want a leather outer (nubuk) and then a gortex inner or again a membrane... and as was stated earlier, when you do get them wet, it's like having two cinder blocks as feet.
December 30th, 2004  
Kozzy Mozzy
I've heard it comes apart under sunlight.
January 3rd, 2005  
Duty Honor Country
Originally Posted by Charge_7
As I recall, Goretex loses it's water repelency over time from dirt getting into the fiber weave. A good cleaning and reapplication of Goretex approved water repelent would fix it so it wouldn't be ruined by dirt, just degraded until fixed.
actually the Army has a system for maintaining Goretex. When I was active duty the first time around, I was down in the supply room and saw a memo on Goretex. It said that Goretex should be turned in once a year for some kind of treatment to maintain the waterproofing. I guess no one bothers to tell anyone about it though.

On the other hand, I just put a good coat of Camp Dry on my Goretex and my ruck in a futile attempt to keep me dry in the field.
January 3rd, 2005  
Charge 7
That's right, Doody. The turn in for re-waterproofing was what I was refering to. I remember being shown that directive when my Goretex parka and pants were issued. You're also right that apparently nobody follows that directive. I can't recall it being put in effect in my unit.