December 13th, 2008  


i read a book called GOLIATH wich described a bio computer generated nuclear submarine that was 615ft long and very thing , it used a water propulsion system wich is nearly undetectable by radar and its design was anti-radar all together , it also used rubber on the outside to keep the hull form shaking. it used not 1 but 5 propulsion units and it had pressure resistant windows so it didnt use radar only to see , it had a line odwn its back that was all anti air missiles launched and anti marine missles on its front , i was wondering if this was possible. i copied the designs but dunno how to bring that into a photo on my comp , i have the outer design of the sub , i think its extremely possible to make a bio computer but i wouldnt suggest it , rather a crew , i need to know if the interior designs are possible.