The Golden traditions of the military school

November 12th, 2016  

Topic: The Golden traditions of the military school

I will share their story from childhood.

When I was in military school at the age of 15, we had many traditions that will seem abnormal, but still they were.
So, in the Central building of the school stood a statue of the Great commander. When we had to learn in just 1 year, a tradition was to Polish the shoes of our commander. All the senior officers were strongly opposed, but be smart to distract them and make the case, but if caught, at best had to and cleaned in the the belly, and clean all the same!
The second tradition: on the territory of the establishments had a cat, called him "diesel" because he was always a fast runner. His catch was unreal. But who managed to do was "ACE" and honor him and respect)
The last tradition: when we were issued was a required tradition "accent insignia". How it happened: the Whole company were built in a line, and senior, alumni, took up his helmet and with one blow beat the insignia on his chest. That is to say, it was painful and memorable, so that life remember.
That was the doctrine at the military Academy.

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