Is this god's own country?

View Poll Results :Why is this so? How do they grow them?
Good clean living. And just damn fine kiwi women. 4 66.67%
Very good medical services for enhancements. 1 16.67%
Something in the water. 2 33.33%
We have to do out do Australia. 2 33.33%
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Is this god's own country?
August 17th, 2006  

Topic: Is this god's own country?

Is this god's own country?
LOL option four, good english that was lol! First "do" needs to go LMAO! I'll take more water with it next time.

South Island - home of voluptuous women


The biggest and arguably the best assets in the country can be found in possession of women living in Nelson and the West Coast, with a survey revealing women from the region were the bustiest in the country.

Lingerie maker Fayreform said a recent survey showed South Island women really did come from the land of plenty – while their North Island counterparts were left in their shadow.
The Nelson-West Coast region was home to the bustiest ladies, with the most popular full cup size in the region, a 16E – the largest in the 10 New Zealand regions surveyed.
Proving the South Island cup runneth over the Otago-Southland and Canterbury regions also had the most popular full cup sizes, with 12E and 16DD respectively.
Fayreform Bra-ologist Carol Rashleigh said bust sizes in the South Island were generally bigger across the board than the North Island.
Forty-four per cent of women in the South Island were D cup and larger, compared with 40 per cent in North Island, she said.
"Our findings show the South Island really is the bosom of New Zealand."
Wellington and the Bay of Plenty were rather deflated regions in comparison, with women from those regions more likely to be petite sizes.
Both regions rounded out the statistics with an average bust size of 14B – smaller than the national average of 14C – while 14D was the most prevalent full cup size.
Auckland women may live in the largest city in the country but were at the smaller end of the scale all-round, with the most popular full bust size being just a 12D.
The trend continues down the middle of the North Island with the most popular full bust size in the Waikato being 16D and the Central Plateau-Taranaki 14D.
Ms Rashleigh said it was difficult to pinpoint exactly why there were regional differences.
"The good farming stock and healthy outdoor lifestyles in the South Island must be producing these voluptuous women."
The number of women who were D cup and over had increased in both the North and South Island over the past five years, she said.
In 2000, 30 per cent of South Island and 29 per cent of North Island women were D cup and above compared with 44 and 40 per cent respectively now.
"There are a number reasons being cited for this increase – from exercise, the contraception pill and better nutrition. However, we are focused on helping provide the right support rather than the science behind the increase." Ms Rashleigh said the survey carried out to promote the Fayreform National Breast Pride Week, with women being encouraged to wear their breasts with pride.
August 18th, 2006  
Sorry I dont care what the question is as a New Zealander the answer is always that we must out do Australia.

August 18th, 2006  
Damn right LMAO.
Is this god's own country?
August 18th, 2006  
Team Infidel
I'm not from Austrailia.... so I will go with the women.
August 18th, 2006  
A friend of mine who was stationed on an aircraft carrier during the Vietnam conflict told me that Australian and Chinese women were the best looking around the World. So I'm going with the NZ ladies. I never trusted his judgement on anything else.

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