Gift from a Guard woman kicks off Oxbow football

August 6th, 2005  
Charge 7

Topic: Gift from a Guard woman kicks off Oxbow football

Angels come in many guises. For the fledgling Oxbow Union High football club, the angel wears the uniform of the Vermont Army National Guard.

Staff Sgt. Cindy Clemence of West Newbury has donated $20,000 from her military pay to help give the program wings.

"I have looked into (getting an Oxbow football program started) for a few years," Clemence, who has been in the Guard for 25 years, said in a phone interview with the Valley News from her base in Kuwait. "I'm just a football lover, and I want to bring football to the kids I work with."

When she's not serving her country in Kuwait, Clemence, 52, works at Oxbow with troubled kids.

"I call myself an aide," she says of the role at Oxbow she has held since 1993. "But you spell aide, AID. It stands for an Angel In Disguise.

August 8th, 2005  
Charge 7
An E-6 gives $20,000 of her hard earned money to kids and it gets no comment from anybody? That's a shame.
August 13th, 2005  
I think her generosity is remarkable but My kudos are for her directly working with the troubled kids. That's unusual for these days.