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June 27th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Seems like nowadays that even blinking a fraction of a second slower than anyone else is some kind of syndrome with its own alphabet soup name.
I suppose it creates jobs.
July 3rd, 2010  

I thank you much for your advice. Someone advised me to check my medical records at the family doctor "If it isn't there then you don't have it." Seems pretty logical to me as it is advised that one would review their complete medical history front and back before going to a recruiter. I read the paper work and it doesn't exactly make itself clear about what I have. If is on my medical records I will probably go to a doctor and get them to sign it off as nothing or something lesser like ADHD.

In any case the idea of an OTH or BCD after completing hell week isn't a pleasant idea. I know of one former SEAL who said he would have done anything thing to get where he was (including lie). Plenty of people lied to get in during both world wars (I am not trying to excuse those that lie or saying that I will lie to MEPS) but despite that I am unsure how to proceed.

The recruiter you mentioned sounds like the kinda guy honest people should flock to and dishonest people avoid. Doesn't sound like there is any getting even the smallest thing past him. I know people like him, wouldn't try it with them either. He sounds like someone I could work with but I am afraid I might tell him how much I wannabe a SEAL too early on and as you said might cause problems for me.

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