The German Nuclear Program

December 22nd, 2021  

Topic: The German Nuclear Program

How close was Germany to get the bomb?
December 26th, 2021  
Originally Posted by I3BrigPvSk
How close was Germany to get the bomb?
In all honesty I dont think Werner Heisenberg was even remotely close to producing an atomic bomb as we know it, at best Germany could have built a bunch of "dirty" bombs.

Heisenberg claimed that his team were actively trying to sabotage German attempts to build one but his notes and interviews immediately after the war did not stack up with a guy who knew how to build one but chose not too.

Basically I think the Allies fear of a German atomic bomb was based on an overestimation of German scientific and technological ability than reality, the reality was that Nazi Ideology killed any chance of of producing one by driving its best and brightest scientists from the country, you look at the allied teams that eventually built the atomic bomb you will find a lot of German scientists.
December 29th, 2021  
And the Commandos sinking the ferry in Norway pretty much ended any chances.

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