The German arrow!

March 26th, 2016  

Topic: The German arrow!

Undoubtedly one of the fastest aircraft designed in Germany during World War II. I share with you tons of photos of the Dornier Do 335, including rare color images, in flight and many others, some never before seen by me, including photos with Allied markings. One question, had entered into service and produced on a large scale, what its impact on the war? What do you think? Visit the link below, see all the photos and answer the poll.

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March 31st, 2016  
Ah yes the Germans making the best out of date technology in the world.
Why they would waste time trying to build a push me - pull you fighter when they test flew jet aircraft in 1939 is beyond me but hey if they had managed a sensible procurements system things could have been much worse for the allies.

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