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February 7th, 2005  
The quote is actually far older than that.
Different versions of it have been traced as far back as the Romans..
May 31st, 2005  
I've got another one:

"Numquam Retro" ("Never backwards") from Paratroopers
June 1st, 2005  
Originally Posted by Jäger
I've got another one:

"Numquam Retro" ("Never backwards") from Paratroopers
Roman paratroopers? interesting.
September 14th, 2005  
Another one, often used in Infantryunits is: "Klagt nicht, Kämpft!" (Don´t Complain, Fight!)

The Motto of the Officer School of the German Army is: "In Freiheit dienen!" (Serve in Liberty!)

The one of the Officer School of the German Air Force is: "Ich Will!" (I Want!)

And the Motto of the Air Defence Missile Units at German Air Force is "Missile Away!"
September 2nd, 2009  

Topic: filipino german

Ey filipino german bist du soldat?
September 2nd, 2009  
"Dran, drauf, drüber" ( hard to translate: near,on and above)
I have it as "Drauf, dran, drüber, hurra! hurra! hurra!" (on it, at it, over it).

Not a "motto", but also often heard: "Ohne Mapf kein Kampf!" (withoud food not ifhgt)


September 20th, 2014  
Jäger Truppe / same like the rangers Horrido - Joho x3 (used back in the 16th century for hunting Ho-Rü-Ho

The Jäger Truppe uses aswell Klagt Nicht kämpft - Dont complain - FIGHT x3

uvm there is a endless list of official Motto's every Battalion and platoon has ther own motto aswell.

Greets - Richtschütze
March 15th, 2017  

Topic: "dran, drauf, druber," is old Saxon, or low German

The best answer for what this means is simply this: In German, "Dran! Drauf! Drüber!“ "Ran an den Feind, drauf auf den Feind, hinweg über den Feind." English: It means, "Run at" the enemy, "strike at" the enemy, and "continue on over" the enemy."
March 15th, 2017  
Also, "Gluck ab" is a German paratrooper greeting. A derivative of "Good luck."

The true German paratrooper motto is "Treue um Treue," which doesn't translate exactly, but is "Loyalty "begets," or "surrounds" Loyalty."