Generation Kill by Evan Wright

March 27th, 2005  

Topic: Generation Kill by Evan Wright

I have recently been reading Generation Kill by Evan Wright. It is a detailed account of the things the author experienced and what occured during the Iraqi war in 2003 while he was with the Marine First Recon for a few months. I find it extremely interesting due to it's showing of how the soldiers who grew up on MTV and video games are faring at war. My interest most likely comes from the fact that I can relate to those soldiers by having grown up in much the same way. Of course, I can't relate to combat but am interested how my peers are going through it. Anyone looking for a good book on the current Iraq war should pick this one up.
April 4th, 2005  
I'll second what Vitaly said. I finished this book not to long ago and I absolutely loved it.
April 7th, 2005  
there was some obvious hollywood in it, but I liked it.
March 2nd, 2007  
rotc boy
I just recently bought this book, i bought it on a saturday morning and started reading it.
I didnt put it down until i was down, i even told my girlfriend to call me back later.

Extremely good book and reccomend it to anyone

one of my favorite quotes:
"Hey, Colbert! Look over there!"
"Are those ducks...?"
"Yup, those ducks are FING!"
(As they were preparing to enter a village while in a gunfight)
March 3rd, 2007  
major liability
I have read this book, and I'd recommend it unconditionally.
March 5th, 2007  
Great book, does have a little hollywood in it but its still good.
March 13th, 2007  
A Can of Man
Yeah I read it a few years back. Worth a read.