General Knowledge to study in Boot Camp / Basic Training - Page 2

February 8th, 2010  
Hey I am joing the army next year and was hoping for some advice since my brother is no help to me.
May 3rd, 2012  
For the USAF your recruiter may or may not give you a packet of things to study before basic, but I'll list the general ideas here:

Your reporting statement: "Sir/Ma'm, Trainee ------- (your last name) reports as ordered"
This is to be spoken whenever you are speaking to a TI in a manner other than just "yes/no Sir/Ma'm.

The Airman's Creed

The three Air Force Core Values

The first stanza of the USAF song

Be able to recognize rank by symbol and pay rank

And you might as well learn the alphabet. (alpha, bravo, charlie...)

That's everything I can think of right now. Get used to waking up and going to sleep early, and shower and eat quickly. Other than that, I have no experience of what basic is like at Lackland.

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