Furry puppy

Furry puppy
April 17th, 2005  
Cadet 2nd Lt. Stinson

Topic: Furry puppy

Furry puppy
I have seen parts of this cadence, but I have yet to see the whole thing.
Furry Puppy

little birdy
with a little bill
was sittin on
my window sill
I lured him
with a peice of bread
and then I crushed
his little head

little mouse
with little feet
was sittin' on my tiolet seat
I pushed him in
I flushed him down
then I watched him spin
round and round

furry puppy
with furry paws
I put him on my table saw!
now i wont be gruesome,
I wont be gory
I bet you can figure out
the rest of the story!

If you have any other versions I'd love to hear them!
May 11th, 2005  
Am I the only one not seriously disturbed by that?
May 15th, 2005  
Cadet 2nd Lt. Stinson
That cadence is one of my Major's favorites. He always starts singig it, but hardly ever gets to finish because of some of the other girls who hate it.
Furry puppy
May 26th, 2005  
One last verse to that...

lil baby kitten cat
sat upon my lonesome lap
then I pet and made him purr
then I ripped out all his fur