French weekly firebombed after it portrays Mohammad (Reuters)

November 3rd, 2011  
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Topic: French weekly firebombed after it portrays Mohammad (Reuters)

Reuters - A firebomb attack gutted the headquarters of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday after it put an image of the Prophet Mohammad on its cover.

November 3rd, 2011  
Yet its fine for them to murder innocent people and try and ram their laws down everyone else's throats.
November 3rd, 2011  
Just remember - ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE!!!!!
November 4th, 2011  
Sure it is... Until you do something they don't like.
I get told that a lot, living in Aus where it's important to be super tolerant to everyone, thing and it. But I keep seeing this stuff and wonder how peaceful they are

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